Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Time

I know I like fishng more than blogging. My wife and sister said I should give it a try, so I am. My son, Ryan and I are itching to get back up to the lake. We wait for spring, but have always wondered how ice fishing is...HOW IS IT?


  1. Ola brother. Ern stopped an ice fisherman yesterday at Alum...that doesn't seem like such a good idea to me; but...perhaps you and Ryan should give it a Erie not Alum. Then you could blog about it. And of course, take pictures.

    I remember fishing related stuff when we were kids and would water the lawn, head out with a flashlight to pull the night crawlers out of the ground.

    I remember popcorn and cards at the little cabin on South Bass. Good times.


  2. I see I had typo above , Ern didn't stopped a fisherman, he saw one...not sure what my trouble was with that.

    Yes, a little swimming pool, and a screened porch. Think you guys slept on the screen porch, I was on the sofa (pull out?).

    Bowling at "the bar" with one of those little machines, and drinking grapejuice while the big people had wine. lol

    Must see about whether in Ohio, and or Lake Erie for you. After more coffee, I'll look see.